Army Muster and Equestrian Event
June 22nd, 9am-8pm

Mend that armor, sharpen your blades, fletch those arrows and shod your horses as once again it is time for the annual Army Muster and Equestrian Event in the Shire of Stormsport. This year we are pleased to announce that their Royal Majesties have honored us with holding their Equestrian Championship at the event.

Please come join us on June 22nd for a day of equestrian showmanship, heavy fighting, fencing, thrown weapons, archery and youth combat at the Albion Borough Park (no street address) in Albion Pennsylvania. Please be aware that this is a public park and will be open to the public on the day of the event. Site open at 9am and closes at 8pm.

The autocrat for the event is Baroness Rynea Von Lingen (Kristie Seib)), 3411 Maple Street, Erie PA 16508. 814-520-7438(no phone calls after 10 please).

There will be an all day sideboard presented by Mistress Judith of Kirkland. Please send all dietary concerns to the autocrat and they will be forwarded to Mistress Judith.

The equestrian liaison is Lady Rhiannon filia Catell (Kim Walbridge)

The cost of the event for Adults is $10.00, children 6-17 $5.00 and babes in arms are free. As always there will be a $5.00 non member surcharge. Preregistration is encouraged and can be sent to Ciar ingen ui Chrotaid (Char Smith). As a special treat the autocrat will be providing a free ticket for a carousel ride to the first twenty children that are preregistered.

Driving Directions (Google Maps Directions)
Directions from PA – I-90: take your best route to PA – I-90 ext # 9 (Girard/Platea). Take PA 18 south. Stay on 18 until it merges with 6N west, continue to Academy Street and turn left into park.

Directions from I-79: Take your best route to I-79 exit #166 (Edinboro) – Take Rt 6N West. Stay on N West through Albion until you come to Academy St then turn left into the park.

The schedule is as follows:
9 am site opens
945 am Morning court
10 am Equestrian Championship
1030 am Thrown weapons/ archery and fencing activities open
12 pm Heavy Weapons Championship with Muster activities following
530 pm Evening Court
8 pm site closes

Bears Event
March 2, 2013

As the thaw begins and the Bear stirs, once again the Shire of Stormsport invites you to its annual Bears Event. There will a heavy weapons tournament, fencing, and an A&S display with populous voting. A Celtic Viking themed all-day sideboard will be prepared by the Lady Margaret of Enniscorthy.
Troll opens at 9:00 a.m. and the site will close at 7:00. Cost for the day will be $10 for adults. Children 14 and under are free. Students with ID are discounted to $8. There is a mandatory $5.00 non-member charge.

Our Site this year is the Greene Township Building.
Greene Township 9333 Tate Rd. Erie PA 16509 - Google Maps Directions

Autocrat: Maeldara O'Donn

From the north, take I-90 West to exit 29 and make a left, follow PA-8 2.4 miles turn right on Tate Rd. building is on left side .2 miles. From the south, take 79 North to I-90 East. Get off at exit 29 and make a right onto PA-8. 2.4 miles turn right on Tate Rd. building is on left side .2 miles

Schedule of activities for Bears event.

9:00 AM Troll opens

10:00 AM
Fencing MOL opens for inspections

10:30 AM
"How to Watch a Tournament" Taught by the Lady Yvianne (Gallery)

11:00 AM
Heavy weapons MOL opens for inspections
Fencing Tournament begins

11:30 AM
Heavy Weapons Tournaments begin

12:00 PM
AEthelmearc Equestrian Annual Marshals and Planning Meeting (classroom)
Directly after the meeting there will be a Stage Three Equerstrian Marshal in Training

2:00 PM
Card Weaving Taught by the Lady Alexandra (Classroom)

5:00 PM
Awards Presented

7:00 PM
Site is Closed

An all day Side board is provided with the Site fee

Bread with Butter & Honey

Mains and Sides:
Rabbit Stew w/Herbs and Groats
Pork Roasted with Apples, Fennel, and Onions
Beef Barley Porridge
Vegetarian Barley Porridge
Yellow Pea Soup w/Ham
Vegetarian Yellow Pea Soup
Honey Glazed Root Vegetables
Gingery Creamed Kale and Cabbage
Cabbage Salad

Fall Crown Tournament
Saturday October 6th: 9am-6pm

AEthelmearc Royal Device

Now that war is but a fond memory, it is once again time to look to the future of the Sylvan Line. The Shire of Stormsport is proud to be hosting the fall Crown Tournament of the Majesties Khalek and Branwyn. This Grand tourney will be held on Saturday Oct. 6th at the Albion borough park (no address) Albion, PA 16401.

The site opens at 9am and closes at 6pm. The site is a public park that will be open to the public this day. The autocrat for the event is Baroness Rynea von Lingen (Kristie Seib), 3411 Maple St, Erie, PA 1608., 814-520-7438 - no phone calls after 10 pm and any phone calls between 8am and 5pm will be returned after 5pm.

A sumptuous all day sideboard will be provided by Lady Ottilige von Rappoltsweiler and her minions. All dietary concerns should be addressed to her at

Pavilions and day shades are encouraged and priority will be given to the fighters and consorts near the tourney field. Please send the dimensions to Lord Maeldara O'Donn @

The levee for the event for adults 18 and over is $10.00, children 6 17 $5.00 and babes in arms are free. There will be a $ 5.00 non member surcharge at the door. If you wish to preregister, please make your checks payable to the SCA Inc. Shire of Stormsport and mail to the autocrat (Kristie Seib) at 3411 Maple Street, Erie, PA 16508.

His Majesty would like the tournament to commence at 11:30 am, thus being said inspections and the MOL's will be available at 10:00 am. Court is tentatively set at 4:30 PM.

June 30, 2012 ~ Albion, PA


To arms, To arms! To horse, To horse! The Shire of Stormsport invites all who desire to test their skill at arms and those who would display their equestrian abilities to our first ever Army Muster and Equestrian event, held in the Albion Borough Park, (no street address) Albion, PA on Saturday, June 30th 2012. The site will open for the populace at 9:00 A.M. and will close at 6:00 P.M.

There will be a double elimination Tourney at Noon, followed by an Army Muster and melee battles under the auspices of Sir Thorgrim Skullsplitter. Please note that this is one of the last times to authorize before Pennsic!

There is space next to the field for pavilions. There is also a playground for children; children need to be under adult supervision while playing in this area as it is also a public park, the park also has one of the oldest wooden carousels in the state, which may be open that day.

An awesome dayboard will be prepared by Lady Ottilig von Rappoltsweiler with Viscountess Judith and Lady Margaret as minions. For food allergies or concerns, please contact Lady Ottilig. The dayboard is included in your sit fee.

The Equestrian Marshal-in-Charge is Rhiannon filia Catell (Kim Walbridge) and she can be contacted via the address on the Officers Page. Please contact her by June 20, 2012 if you are bringing horses to this event. Besides the usual games, Mounted Archery has been arranged for.  Special arrangements can be made for equestrians who would like to arrive on Friday, the night before the event and leave on Sunday.The EqMIC must be notified if anyone would like to do this so arrangements can be planned. Please be aware of the following requirements for paperwork to accompany your horse/s. The State of Pennsylvina requires that horses coming from outside of the state have a Health Certificate issued by a veterinarian within the last past 30 days and a negative Coggins test within the past 12 months. Foe those horses residing within the State of Pennsylvania, only a current negative Coggins test within the past 12 months is required by the Albion Borough Park Board and Albion Fair Board.

The site fees for the event are $12.00 for adults, $5.00 for children 6-17, children under 5 are free. Checks should be made out to SCA Inc. Shire of Stormsport and sent to the reservation clerk.

There  will be a $5.00 NMS fee for those without membership cards.

The Autocrat is Viscount Syr Bear (Paul Acks)

Saturday, February 25th 9am-7pm

Lo the bears be hiding deep in their winter's cave. We must be vigilant of the scourge far to the south. So let us set a course to the Northwest corner of Glorious Æthelmearc. Where here the Shire of Stormsport will once again host the pit to test your prowess. In the past the skull splitter has proven him self to be bear enough to win the pit, so come see if you be bear enough.

Come join us at Trinity United Methodist Church (3952 Pine Ave Erie, PA). The doors open at 9am and close at 7pm. The site is dry as a bone, no open flame, no pets, smoking in personal vehicles only. Marshal activities of all kinds, and like always, the bear pit.

A hardy all day sideboard will be provided by the Lady Christina Buttermann.

The cost of the day will be $7 for adults, $3 for children (12-18), children 12 and under are free. The non-member surcharge (NMS) of $5 applies to all adults without proof of membership the day of the event. Autocrat is Lord Lorenz Butterman.

Æthelmearc's equestrian community will be conducting a 50/50 raffle at the Bears event. All proceeds will be used to help defray fuel costs for equestrians traveling to the annual Kingdom Equestrian Championship and only this event. The Equestrian Championship rotates back and forth from the west and east side of the Kingdom each year. Thanks for supporting Æthelmearc's equestrian community.

Take your best route to the mountain pass known as Interstate 90.
Take exit 29 (Route 8).
North 2.5 miles, site is on left.
(Google Map Directions)

Schedule for Bears Event

Troll Opens

A.M. Court in Sanctuary
Immediately following court, Sideboard opens
Inspections for Heavy Weapon and Fencing

Heavy Weapon Tournaments commence
Double Elimination
Bear Pit
Fencing commences

Equestrians meeting in Sanctuary

Troll closes
Inspections for youth
Youth combat commences

All combat ceases

Court in Sanctuary

Site closes

Menu for German Sideboard

10 a.m. opens
Biscuits with Jam, Biscuits Cheese
Biscuits Ham and Cheese
Hard boiled eggs
Oranges and grapes

Ham and Scalloped Potatoes,
Pretzels with Mustards
Pea soup, Smoked venison,
Picked beets
Ginger bread bear cookies
Vanilla Pears

2 p.m.
Bratwurst and Sauerkraut, Breads
Potato soup, Cumber Salad
Smoked venison
Roll-up cookies
Apple crisp, Cherry cake