The Laws and Policies of the Shire of Stormsport

  1. Local Customs Concerning Shire Officers and Elections
    1. Officers' terms shall be for two years. Officers may hold an office for a maximum of 4 consecutive years.
    2. If, at the end of 4 years of service, absolutely no one can be found to fill that position, an exception will be made to allow that individual to continue in office until such time as another volunteer can be found.
    3. Officers shall be chosen by popular election by eligible members of the populace.
      1. Officer transitions are to take place within one week of the election, with notifications sent to Kingdom Officers immediately after the elections.
      2. Elections for the following positions will be held in the month of January during odd-numbered years: Minister of Arts & Sciences, Herald, Chronicler, and Seneschal.
      3. Elections for the following positions will be held in the month of January during even-numbered years: Chatelaine, Exchequer, Knight Marshal, Chancellor Minor, and Web Minister.
    4. "Eligible members of the populace", for the election of officers or the changing of the Laws and Policies, are defined as those who meet the following conditions:
      1. Paid member in the SCA at any level.
      2. Age 14 years or older.
      3. Live within the Shire zip code area.
    5. Eligible members of the populace may submit a written proxy when they can not be present at a meeting to vote.
    6. For all votes except the election of officers and the amending of the Laws and Policies, eligible members of the populous are defined as those meeting the following conditions:
      1. Age 14 years or older.
      2. Live within the Shire zip code area.
        • Note from Seneschal: 1/2012 a special vote was held to make Judith Carr a voting member. (Passed 11/2)
    7. All votes shall be decided by the majority of the elegible populace and the written proxies present during the business meeting at which the vote is held. No quorum shall be required.
    8. The positions that are deemed mandatory by Copora for the status of shire must have appointed deputies. These positions are: Seneschal, Exchequer, and Herald or Knight Marshal or Minister of the Arts & Sciences.
    9. Any officer, whose position is required by Copora for the status of shire, shall not hold any other position in the shire concurrently, with the exception of the position of Autocrat.
    10. In the event that an officer must step down part way through his or her term of office, his or her deputy will take over as the acting officer until the regularly scheduled election for that office. If there is no deputy, a special election will be called by the Seneschal at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
  2. Financial Guidelines
    1. All expenditures must be approved by a majority of the populace at monthly business meeting, unless they are part of the normal expenses for an event or an officer function that has been previously approved by the shire.
      • Note from Seneschal: A traditional limit of $50.00 has been allowed without requiring a vote.
  3. Events
    1. Bids for official events will be brought before the Shire for discussion and voting at the Shire's monthly business meeting.
    2. Selection of an Autocrat must be approved by a majority of the populace at the monthly business meeting.
    3. A summary of the event must be turned in by the Autocrat to the Seneschal no late than 30 days after the event.
  4. Miscellaneous
    1. These policies may be changed by a vote of the majority of the populace as defined in section I.4.
      • ZIP Codes of Stormsport
      • 16401 Albion
      • 16407 Corry
      • 16410 Cranesville
      • 16411 East Springfield
      • 16412 Edinboro
      • 16413 Elgin
      • 16415 Fairview
      • 16417 Girard
      • 16421 Harborcreek
      • 16426 McKean
      • 16427 Mill Village
      • 16428 North East
      • 16430 North Springfield
      • 16438 Uion City
      • 16441 Waterford
      • 16442 Wattsburg
      • 16443 West Springfield
      • 16444 Edinboro
      • 16500, 16502-16515, 16522, 16530-16534, 16538 Erie
      • 16541, 16543, 16544, 16546 Erie
      • 16550, 16553, 16554, 16558, 16563, 16565, 16566 Erie